About Kimie Joe

Welcome to Kimie Joe's world of artistry in Hermosa Beach! Kimie is known for her  oil paintings, unique mixed media pieces, and intricate ceramics.

Before diving into the world of art, Kimie earned a degree in Chemical Engineering and even worked on the International Space Station program. But her love for creating art pulled her towards a new path.

Kimie finds inspiration for her art from her life experiences. As a mother of three, a daughter, and a wife, her artwork reflects the joy and emotions of family life. Her travels also influence her work, bringing diverse cultural influences to her creations.

Kimie's art invites you to explore a world where imagination thrives and emotions are vividly expressed. Each piece showcases her dedication to her craft and her passion for creativity.

Join Kimie Joe on her artistic journey as she continues to inspire with her captivating creations, where every brushstroke tells a story and every piece reflects her unique vision.

Kimie Joe in Palos Verdes